• Weekly Classes

  • We pride ourselves on the fantastic results knowing that we have developed happy and safe swimmers who will go on to enjoy swimming into their adult lives either as a fitness activity, competitive sport or simply for leisure.

  • Jane Brooks Swim aims to group the children by age and ability. This helps the children feel confident about the class they are in and develop healthy competition between their peers. Our classes are designed to give children the opportunity to develop water confidence and the skills they need to achieve their Swim England and other recognised awards all within a safe, friendly and fun environment. 

    Lessons are term time only and usually consist of blocks of 12 lessons.

    Children are assessed throughout the term with a formal written assessment at the end of each term.

  • Our Pre-school classes are designed for children from 2.5 years. The classes have a maximum of 4 children and the teacher is in the water with them. Each lessons is 30 minutes and over the course of the term the children work towards their Swim England Discovery Ducklings and Ducklings awards. The lessons use a variety of teaching aids with many of the activities designed to increase the children's water confidence through fun tasks and games. Many children are able to swim 10m independently by the time they start school and move into our 'Swim-school' lessons. Parents are not in the water with the children. 

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  • Our 'Swim-school' lessons are designed for children from 4 years and up. Although many children move through from our pre-school classes, we have children joining these lessons at all stages. The classes have a maximum of 6 children per class and the teaching all happens from within the water. The classes are organised by Swim England Stage and where possible age. The term is structured to incorporate the teaching of all four strokes as well as many other water skills set out in the 'Learn to Swim' programme. 

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  • Once the children have completed the Swim England 'Learn to Swim' Stages 1-7, we do offer lessons for them to further their skills and stamina. This is in the form of the SE Bronze, Silver and Gold Challenge Awards and The RLSS 'Rookie Lifeguard' qualifications. These personal survival and rescue skills are invaluable and give the children a huge advantage as they move towards the end of primary school. Many of our swimmers also continue their swimming by joining local swim clubs to be able to swim competitively. 

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