• About us

  • Jane Brooks Gym and Swim is a family run business that aims to introduce children to regular physical activity from an early age and maintain their interest throughout their lives. Through gymnastics and swimming we aim to develop fundamental skills and help children recognise the importance of physical activity through fun and enjoyable sessions.

    Jane Brooks Swim was founded by Jane Brooks in 2006 after a spell of swimming teaching for another local swim school. With the excellent reputation that Jane had already established in the area through running Woodstock Gymnastics Club and Pre-school Little Monkey's Gym the business was quick to grow. 

    Over the last 14 years Jane has operated swimming lessons from 12 different pools in Oxfordshire, teaching both pre-school lessons, after-school, weekends, private lessons and holiday intensive courses. As numbers have continued to grow over the years, Jane has taken on more teachers, many of whom have been homegrown. The small teaching groups and high quality teaching from within the pool is something that Jane Brooks Swim prides itself on and has molded the successful swim school that we have today. 

    Today, the swim school continues to be popular among Oxfordshire families, forcing some venues's to operate waiting lists. However, the next step for the swim school will be to secure it's own purpose built premises and operate a full swimming programme for babies, children and adults as well as other aquatic activities. 

    In the meantime... we will continue to work hard to ensure that children are developing into safe and confident swimmers who enjoy being part of Jane Brooks Swim school.